Every Social Media platform is basically working on the basis of word of mouth – that’s why the word COLLABORATION is crucial for rubbing business on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever channel you are using.

Influencer marketing is something between paid advertising and official testimonials, yet ideally it should be not associated with advertising at all. The best influencers know how to integrate the branded campaign into their unique story without skipping a beat or pushing.

If all good, you’ll get a targeted exposure – reaching out to the potential customer right in your market – and will drive your brand’s message to the larger market. ⠀
This kind of marketing continues to grow in popularity and there is one primary reason for this: it works.

The only thing you need to remember while dying to identify that perfect influencer to work with – bigger is not always better. Obviously, there is nothing more important than

  • Reach – an influencer is only an influencer if he can actually influence others. However, other important things are:
  • Audience – every detail matter, demographics, age and ability to pay (you would want to advertise your brand of kids apparel to parents rather than to kids).
  • Approach – people don’t like to be sold something, so you’d better check influencer’s previous campaigns & audience feedback.
  • Engagement – collect as much statistics as you can to see how people interact with influencer’s posts, to see if the page is consistent and if posts are made in a regular basis.
  • Compensation – flat payment per post? Free product? Promo codes? It’s up to you.

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