-What are you even saying? IG is the place where people only sell goods for ‘stay at home’ mothers and lectures like “how to become a Mr. Successful Success” But, people who want a luxury car immediately are also here. Just find them. I call it “SherlockHolmesIt”

Do you know the term Big Data?This means that every our action online leaves a digital footprint in the Web.

Purchasing smth using your credit card,Google search,taking a walk with your smartphone in your pocket,the actual model of it. Your likes, check-ins and subscriptions – everything is stored, and used to draw your consumer portrait.

Big companies already use this on the daily basis. Just look at the Cambridge Analytical’s work for the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Btw, it costed no more no less $15 million…

For instance, if a man is subscribed to a MAC cosmetics profile, there is a very high probability of him being a gay. And vice versa, a strong indication of heterosexuality is if you liked the hip-hop band Wu-Tang Clan from New York. Fans of Lady Gaga, with a high probability, are extroverts. While followers of the philosophical pages are introverts.

And the person that wants a Maserati Quattroporte 2015 is most likely to be:

A man of 28+; searched for this car on any of the search engines; he doesn’t mind used cars; he has an iPhone (preferably an iPhone 7+ (PRODUCT)RED – it’s easy for him to buy the same phone he just recently got in the fall, but just in a different color); he lives in a nice neighbourhood that is within 20 mile radius from the car dealership; he ‘liked’ a golf page; loves blue color.

Total internet surveillance + targeting specialist + a couple hundreds of bucks for the launch of an advertising campaign

BOOOM Sold! Put it in a giftbox

That’s how my team and I use information about what you consume online daily

Now we are trying to sell the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. I’ll give $300 to someone who provides a description of a person that wants to buy such car for $400,000 and this description will prove to work.

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